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The approximate height of each button is shown in millimetres.  Buttons coded with an asterisk (*) are available in the specified colours - please refer to the colour chart on the Orders & Info Page of the Website.

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Code: C311*  (18mm)  $3.50

Small Butterfly - all colours

Code: C324  (15mm)  $3.50

Tiny Bee - as pict'd

Code: C050   (25mm)  $3.50

Bee - as pictured

Code: C051   (30mm)  $3.50

Beehive - as pictured            

Code: C052   (30mm)  $3.50

Bee Body - as pictured

Code: C200 (18mm) $3.50

Small Beehive - as pict'd

Code: C124   (20mm)  $3.50

Small Ladybird - as pict'd

Code: C053* (22mm)  $3.50

Ladybird - all colours

Code: C092  (30mm)  $3.50

Butterfly - as pictured

Code: C152*  (25mm)  $3.50

Butterfly - all colours

Code: C129* (60mm)  $4.00

Birdhouse - Burg/Rust/Dk Blue

Code: C054* (35mm)  $3.50

Birdhouse - all colours

Code: C174 (35mm) $3.50

Tree - as pict'd

Code: C082  (28mm) $3.50

Snail - as pict'd

Code: C121 (20mm) $3.50

Red Back Spider Body - as pict'd

Code: C248 (15mm)  $3.50

Small Snail - as pict'd

Code: C285*  (22mm)  $3.50

Butterfly - all colours

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