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These buttons have been added recently -  you will also find them sorted into the appropriate categories within the website. The approximate dimensions (width x height) of each button is given in millimetres. 


Code: C348  (30mm x 30mm)  $3.50

Orange Pansy - as pictured

Code: C349  (20mm x 20mm)  $3.50

Orange Pansy - as pictured

Code: C344  (18mm x40mm)  $3.50

Daisy Bunch - PU/PK/YL/BL

Code: C345  (18mm x 40mm)  $3.50

Lavender Bunch - as pictured

Code: C346  (18mm x 40mm)  $3.50

Rose Bunch - PU/PK/YL/BL

Code: C347  (18mm x 40mm)  $3.50

Key - as pictured

Code: C351  (25mm x 35mm)  $3.50

Little Girl - as pict'd

Code: C352  (25mm x 35mm)  $3.50

Little Boy - as pict'd

Code: C335  (25mm x 25mm)  $3.50

Rose - PK/PU/BL/YL

Code: C354  (15mm x 20mm)  $3.50/set

Leaves - 2 as pict'd

Code: C340 (20mm x 15mm) $3.50/set

2 Mini Daisies - PK/PU/BL/YL 

Code: C341 (15mm x 15mm) $3.50/set

3 Mini Flowers - all colours

Code: C342 (40mm x 22mm) $3.50

Pot - as pictured

Code: C343 (40mm x 20mm) $3.50

Pot - as pictured

Code: C336 (30mm x 15mm) $3.50

Mini Hat - all colours

Code: C333 (18mm x 25mm) $3.50

Nail Polish - Red/Plum/Pink

Code: C353  (30mm x 30mm)  $3.50

Apple - Red/Green

Code: C350 (10mm x 35mm)  $3.50/set

Lipstick & Lips - Red/Plum/Pink

Code: C511  (70mm x 70mm)  $9.50

Wisteria Cottage - as pict'd

Code: C512 (70mm x 70mm)  $9.50

Bear Cottage - as pict'd

Code: C564  (70mm x 70mm)  $7.50

Rose Heart (lge) - as pict'd

Code: C563  (70mm x 70mm)  $7.50

Violet Heart (lge) - as pict'd

Code: C562 (70mm x 70mm)  $7.50

I Love Bears - as pict'd

Code: CB017 (50mm x 50mm)  $10.00

Name Brooch - Design as pict'd

Code: C337 (20mm x 35mm) $3.50

Tag 'Love' - as pictured

Code: C338 (20mm x 35mm) $3.50

Tag 'Wish' - as pictured

Code: C339 (20mm x 35mm) $3.50

Tag 'Hope' - as pictured

Code: C334 (25mm x 22mm) $3.50

Blackboard - as pictured

Code: C716  (90mm x80mm)  $16.00

Teapot - Blue Toile

Code: C717  (60mm x 50mm)  $5.00

Teacup - Blue Toile

Code: C617  (50mm x 55mm)  $7.50

Floral Rose Heart - as pict'd

Code: C618 (40mm x 45mm)  $5.00

Black Speckled Hen (lge) - as pict'd

Can't find the button to complete your project  - please contact us, we are happy to personalise an existing button or make one to your design.