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Terracotta buttons come in a variety of shapes & sizes - you can leave them plain or paint them with acrylic paint if you would like some colour on them.    You can even put some essential oil on them if you would like them perfumed !

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Code: T001               (25mm)  

Heart                       $1.50

Code: T002               (20mm)

Heart                        $1.50

Code: T003               (23mm)

Heart                        $1.50

Code: T004               (28mm)

Heart                        $1.50

Code: T005               (20mm)

5 Petal Flower           $1.50

Code: T006               (30mm)

6 Petal Flower           $1.50

Code: T007               (15mm)

Blossom                     $1.50

Code: T008               (25mm)

Leaf                          $1.50

Code: T009               (30mm)

5 Point Star               $1.50

Code: T010               (30mm)

6 Point Star              $1.50

Code: T011               (25mm)

Moon                        $1.50

Code: T012               (18mm)

Round                       $1.50

Code: T013               (25mm)

Rectangle                  $1.50

Code: T014               (20mm)

Triangle                    $1.50

Code: T015               (25mm)

Tulip                        $1.50

Code: T016               (40mm)

Diasy                        $2.00

Code: T017               (45mm)

Funky Heart              $2.00

Code: T018                (40mm)

Twist Heart               $2.00

Code: T500               (75mm)

Gingerbread House     $9.50

Code: T501                (35mm)

Gingerbread Man        $3.50

Code: T032               (35mm)

Pot                            $2.00

Code: T033               (50mm)

Heart                        $2.00

Code: T034               (40mm)

Heart                        $2.00


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