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The pattern effect on the buttons is achieved using a fired-on ceramic decal and is not hand painted.   You can order a set of 4 matching chintz hearts or flower buttons at a special price of $10 per set of 4.  Please indicate for example 4 x C751  .. $10.00 on your order sheet.  Please Note: These buttons are made using a ceramic decal which is fired permanently onto the glazed button.  While each button will be of the same design, due to the method of production, the pattern effect on each individual button will have a slightly different placement.


Country Roses C751 Heart (30mm x 25mm) $2.75

C752 Heart (20mm x 45mm) $2.75

C753 Flower (40mm x 40mm) $2.75


C754 Heart (30mm x 25mm) $2.75

C755 Heart (20mm x 45mm) $2.75

C756 Flower (40mm x 40mm) $2.75

Poppies C757 Heart (30mm x 25mm) $2.75

C758 Heart (20mm x 45mm) $2.75

C759 Flower (40mm x 40mm) $2.75

Burgundy Roses C760 Heart (30mm x 25mm) $2.75

C761 Heart (20mm x 45mm) $2.75

C762 Flower (40mm x 40mm) $2.75

Blue Ivy C763 Heart (30mm x 25mm) $2.75

C764 Heart (20mm x 45mm) $2.75

C765 Flower (40mm x 40mm) $2.75

Pink Ivy C766 Heart (30mm x 25mm) $2.75

C767 Heart (20mm x 45mm) $2.75

C768 Flower (40mm x 40mm) $2.75

Blue Floral C769 Heart (30mm x 25mm) $2.75

C770 Heart (20mm x 45mm) $2.75

C771 Flower (40mm x 40mm) $2.75

Blue & White C772 Heart (30mm x 25mm) $2.75

C773 Heart (20mm x 45mm) $2.75

C774 Flower (40mm x 40mm) $2.75

Country Floral C775 Heart (30mm x 25mm) $2.75

C776 Heart (20mm x 45mm) $2.75

C777 Flower (40mm x 40mm) $2.75